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14 Tools for the Sewing Workroom

Do you have a favorite tool to help you with your work? Here’s my top 14 items I can’t live without in the workroom and I’m sure you’ll find them handy too.

  1. magnetic pin dish – super handy if you drop pins
  2. seam gauge or 15cm ruler – for checking seam and hem widths
  3. thread clippers – they’re small enough to have sitting at the machine and won’t get damaged if you drop them
  4. small tray – handy to hold size, content and branding labels
  5. clipboards – great for holding work sheets and note paper
  6. plastic laundry baskets – will save your work from dropping on the floor and are easy to carry around
  7. tailors chalk – it’s quicker to use chalk to mark darts than pins
  8. pattern weights
  9. 15mm circle punch – for punching holes in your patterns ready for hanging
  10. tape for hanging patterns – or I use a selvedge of fabric
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  11. cutting table – ideally your table should be at a height where you don’t need to bend over. 90cm or hip height is good as you’ll be able to lean against it and reach without straining your back. It’s also good if you can walk around the end of your table – for when you’re cutting from a long length of fabric and need to have the excess hanging off the end.
  12. a sturdy ironing board with a clean, fitted cover
  13. a pressing cloth will save your iron from any excess glue from iron on interfacing and will allow you to press items that can scorch from a too hot an iron
  14. plenty of bobbins – and if your machine allows, fill bobbins as you sew.

Were any of your favorites on the list? Do you have any others to share?  Let me know in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “14 Tools for the Sewing Workroom

  1. Di Hill

    I really have not sewed for years until recently – and have few of the items you listed. I only sew simple things myself these days, so probably wouldn’t use all of them, though I found the list very interesting.

    1. Debra Verrall Post author

      Thanks for that Amanda – I always forget about the humble seam ripper.
      Unpicking is a big part of sewing, at all levels. I’ll be doing a post on unpicking tips and tricks in a few weeks.

  2. Vicki

    I sew but not at your level. Some interesting things on your list that have never considered, such as tailor chalk, wel i know about it but not used it. I have a table for cutting in my sewing room but I tend to use my kitchen bench as it is higher, it is my ideal height for cutting out on.


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