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Fun Pinterest Finds

Pinning Frenzy

So what do you do when you’re stuck at home with sick children and don’t feel that crash hot yourself? Head to Pinterest of course! I thought I’d share a few of my recent discoveries.

These first three are from Svetlana Sotak’s boards.

sotak handmade blog 2

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you know I like hexies right?

sotak handmade blog 1

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I’ve had a go at sashiko but hadn’t thought to use a green thread – this one ended up in my Gifts board too.

sotak handmade 3

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Did you know that the name Debra (and that be me) means “bee”?

Then I found this cushion on Gina Martin’s boards – this is definitely going onto my Gifts board.

pattern and hue 1

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She put a message on the back too for the sewing-fail days.

Mini quilts are catching my eye too at the moment and this one from Tessa Marie as everything I like – colour and text!

thesewingchick 1

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Then I went on a bit of a fitness tangent and pinned some fitball exercises.

Once I got over that I was back to fabric. A stitchery pattern from Mollie at Wild Olive.

wild olive 1

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Too ironic for Pinterest?

And one more –


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So now I feel inspired to start 10 new projects and had a dig at fashion while I was at it. Here’s the link to my boards and I’d love it if you shared your Pinterest board link below so I can follow you too.

DIY fabric design with spoonflower

Designing your own fabric with Spoonflower

Have you ever wanted to have your own fabric printed? Spoonflower can help you with that.

Spoonflower prints fabric on demand which means you choose from hundreds of designs already on the site, or upload your own. You then choose your base cloth and meterage and add to cart! They also offer wallpaper, decals and gift wrap so the possibilities are endless – you could decorate your whole house and have it matching perfectly. Here are a few examples –


Watercolor Plus in Blue Pink and Gold

Sherbet and Ash

Or how about some cut and sew designs? Save time by ordering one of these designs and you won’t need to worry about a pattern as the fabric has the outline included. Could be a great gift idea for a beginner sewist.

Business idea – design your own pattern and selling it as a kit with instructions, notions and extra trims? You could offer some suggestions on how to personalise as well.

So Sew Easy - 3 cosmetics bags templates

Check out Deby’s tutorial to make these zippered cosmetic pouches here –

the $11 world traveler - updated Dec 2012

Or how about a stuffed globe in bright pastels?

So many options, so many great designs to choose from. Is your creative brain buzzing with ideas?  Mine is and I’ll definitely be ordering some soon!

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Fast fashion and a video about Zara

Just like slow cooking is the opposite of fast food, slow fashion is a movement taking a stand against crazy consumption rates and fashion cycles that move at the speed of light.

Author of Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion Elizabeth Cline suggests “slow fashion also means buying less, caring for what you own so that it doesn’t end up in a landfill, and upcycling or swapping/trading used clothing,”

As well as thinking about fast consumption, take a look at this video from Hungry Beast explaining the time it takes a fashion garment to go from design table to store rack.

Crazy fast – and to think these thousands of garments are being bought by people who’ll be back in-store the following week to see what’s else is new. Are our attention spans shrinking that much that we need new fashions every few weeks?

Read about some of my other favorite books here.