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basic tote with a zip

Basic Tote – Adding a Zip

Following on from the basic tote pattern the other day, I’m going to show you how to line the bag and add a zip to the front pocket. Adding a contrast pocket could be a great way to use up precious scraps or more expensive fabrics.

To fit neatly, the zip should measure no more than 25cm. You can use continuous zipping like I did, or if you’re using a ready made zip you might need to trim some of the excess tape from the ends.bag with zip 1

  1. 1 pair of lining pieces  – use the main bag pattern piece and trim 2.5cm from the top edges
  2. 1 x back bag – I’ve added some iron on woven interfacing since its a light weight quilting cotton
  3. 1 x bag front – interfaced the same way
  4. 1 pair of straps
  5. 3cm x 27cm – used to cover zip inside pocket
  6. cut 2 squares to cover the ends of your zip 2.5cm x 2.5cm
  7. front pocket – with fusing as main bag pieces

Once you’ve got your pieces fused and ready we need to work with the zip. bind the ends of your zip so it is no more than 25cm in length. binding a zip end

Sew the zip to the pocket piece and use piece 5 as a facing to cover the zip tape.bag with zip 2

Mark where the zip needs to sit on the front bag piece and flip the pocket over. Line the zip up with the pins and sew the second side of the zip onto the main bag. bag with zip 3

Sew the back bag to the front. You need to get close to the zip ends, but don’t stitch over them.

Sew the lining and leave an opening in the bottom edge. Pin the straps at the notches (as per the basic tote pattern) and tack or stitch to the bag. Fit the bag inside the lining as shown. Match the side seams and sew the bag to the lining. bag with zip 4

Pull the bag through the opening in the lining and arrange the lining back inside the bag. Sew around the top – just on the lining edge – to form a hem. Sew the opening closed on the lining. bag with zip 5

And you’re done – how does it lookbasic tote with a zip collage?

Share a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #toteallypimpinproject and be sure to check out what Linden and Rachael have made too.

And remember to pin this into your business ideas folder.