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Welcome to Stitching Rules.

Here you’ll find tutorials, tips and information on how to sew more professionally. I’ll focus on intermediate and advanced sewing techniques because I’m confident you’ve mastered the beginner stuff.

You’ll be inspired by sewing success stories from people just like you who took the plunge and started their own businesses. I’ll share Etsy shop spotlights, classic designs and new finds such as fabrics, tools, business helpers and trends.

This will help build your skills either for yourself or to use in your business. You’ll have the chance to learn clothing industry methods and understand why they are done that way.

How do I know these things? Because I have invested the hours practicing my craft. I’ve   worked in bridal, maternity and children’s wear workrooms for over 20 years as a pattern maker, pattern grader, sample maker and machinist with experience in made-to-measure and small production runs.

And I’m sharing this because there has always been a lack of sharing in the fashion industry and it’s leading to information becoming lost by not being passed down. The value of this information is being diluted.

I stand for raising awareness of quality sewing skills.

I am passionate about lifting the expectations of home sewn items and helping you understand the value of your work.

I believe in making a return to proper techniques and methods and eliminating substandard work.

Looking back over my journey so far, I need to thank all the teachers, employers and workmates who have shown me that there is ALWAYS another way to do something and that you can never stop learning. My Mother and Grandmothers who taught me the value and feelings of pride that come from being resourceful enough to make something yourself. And finally, my three sons who inspire me to become a better person.

If there is something you’d like to know, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I can often be found sitting on the floor playing Lego with my boys, sneaking chocolate when the kids aren’t looking or sorting through my fabrics deciding on what to make next.



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