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Become a sewing spy

Here’s a trick I used in college and was always a source of inspiration.

When you’re out shopping – take note of how garments are constructed. Take them into the fitting room and turn them inside out. Take a photo or draw a quick sketch to help you remember.

Take notice of

  • how trims are attached
  • and how are the ends secured
  • what method have they used to finish the hems
  • what shape is the draped piece
  • what grain has each piece been cut on
  • how are the facings being held back
  • how is the lining attached
  • are these things you could learn to do?

If you wanted to take this a step further, how about finding something from the op shop? An item that’s only cost you a few dollars would be worth unpicking to learn how to do something new. A jacket collar or lining? A front fly zip perhaps?

It’s all problem solving so the more you learn about how things go together, the better you’ll become.

Happy clothes spying!


6 thoughts on “Become a sewing spy

  1. Pam @Threading My Way

    I always look at how garments are constructed, but have never taken a photo. My Mum used to take her tape measure to the school uniform shop and then go home and sew our uniforms. She didn’t bother to take them into the dressing room. I was highly embarrassed at the time, but understand totally now.

    1. Debra Verrall Post author

      hehehe, I can imagine how mortified you must have been 🙂
      I can still remember the days when you could buy a school uniform kit to make yourself. Ahh the good old days…

  2. Jean Mullins

    I do that with crochet garments, frequently nowadays they are listed as “knitted” when they are so evidently crocheted. Pet Peeve as I write crochet patterns for publishing.


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