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Challenge Results – Creative Challenge

Last month Clare from Clares Craftroom put out a call on Facebook for people interested in taking part in a creative challenge.  Without thinking about how much work I already had lined up for the month I accepted, and emailed her for more details. Another project wouldn’t take up that much time could it?

Here’s what I was sent – an image of matryoshka dolls and a paint swatch named Dulux WaratahClare's Craftroom challenge inspiration

I ummed and ahhed for a few days and let the ideas simmer – you know – till you’ve only got a few days left to get something made. The idea of doing something traditional with the dolls was in the back of my mind so I Googled the meaning behind matryoshka dolls and discovered that they were traditionally considered a symbol of fertility, representing future generations.  Dating back to 1890 Russia, each set contains 8 pieces and carved from soft  linden wood. You can read more about them here.

From this I knew I needed to hand stitch, and since I’ve been wanting to do an embroidery project, this was going to be the one. I checked Pinterest for a few images and came across this pattern on Etsy.Lova embroidery pattern EtsySo I started with some variegated embroidery thread and set to work. I can see a few things I’d do differently next time – like using two layers of fabric so the darker thread doesn’t show through. And making sure I had enough thread to finish the whole thing (her facial features and chin are a different shade – not variegated)  But I’m ok with how it turned out and now she’s going to hang in my workroom and smile at me while I work.babushka 1

I quite enjoyed the embroidery and am keen to pick up some more coloured threads next time I’m out.

Have your tried embroidery? Do you think this might be something you’d like to trial at your next market?

12 thoughts on “Challenge Results – Creative Challenge

  1. Jenya

    I have always loved Matrioshka dolls. I grew up playing with them (I grew up in Russia), and now my daughter loves them 🙂 Your embroidered matrioshka is gorgeous, and I actually really like the slightly different shades of thread!


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