Introducing the Stitchidori

I made something new! Let me introduce the Stitchidori!!  The planner craze has hit me in a big way – and I guess it’s no surprise really. I mean – I love stationery, notebooks, pens, stickers etc and if I can incorporate that with my love for diaries, then I’m happy. Of course I wasn’t going to be content with the regular planners on offer, and after discovering a whole new world of planner geeks, I learned all about Midori’s and fauxdori’s (which are simply notebook covers made by anyone other than the Midori company in Japan) I saw lots of people having a go at making their own, but they all had raw edges – which I didn’t like for long term wear and tear. So I made my own and bound the edges – the Stitchidori.

mitred corners on the Stitchidori

Now if you’d like to have a go at making your own – you can!

You can also follow the hashtag #stitchidori on Instagram to see how others have been using theirs.

Keep an eye out for the next issue of One Thimble magazine and you’ll find my tutorial with all the instructions to make your very own Stitchidori.

And stay tuned for some “extra” accessories to add to your planner nirvana as well as some insert printables.

*EDIT 9 March 2016 * – The tutorial is coming this week! I’m working on a few upgrades for the pattern and will be sharing very soon.

using the Stitchidori inner elastics

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