Ladies panel skirt

Skirt Sew-Along – The Pattern

So the time has come to download our pattern!

I’ve been working away all day grading it for you since the last time I graded it I forgot to save – d’oh! There are nine sizes – 8-24, and they’re colour coded for ease of use. There are 2 options with the printing

  1. an A1 size paper option where you can save it to a USB stick and take it to a copy shop (like Officeworks in Australia.) It should only cost you a few dollars to print and will save you heaps of time if you hate taping all the A4 pages together.
  2. or the standard A4 pages (12 in total) for you to print at home and tape together.

Here’s a photo of how the tiles fit together. It really isn’t that hard to do, you just need a bit of space and no kids/pets/well meaning partners helpers 😉

pattern layout

As you can see, the first tile has the size checking squares. It’s always a good idea to print off that first page and check those are correct as any discrepancy here will mean your whole pattern will be out.

The first eight tiles are the centre front/centre back panel and the last four are the side panel. I left a space between the pieces so there were less pages to join, in other words 1 – 8 doesn’t need to be joined to 9 – 12.

Here’s the A1 file – Ladies Panel skirt A1

Ladies-Panel-Skirt-8-24 A4 (12 pages)

Very Debra Women size chart 6 – 24

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So, off you go! Download and print away and please leave a comment below, or send an email, if you have any troubles. Share the fun on Instagram with the hashtag #skirtsewalong and #thesewquiltyworkshop.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a run down of what fabrics are going to work best, and a few you may not have thought of.


2 thoughts on “Skirt Sew-Along – The Pattern

  1. kateoz

    Brilliant! I’m in the mood for sewing today – the download and printing at home went like a breeze, the taping together was super easy! Thank you.


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