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Ladies panel skirt

Skirt Sew-Along – The Fabric

Welcome back – today we’re going to discuss what fabrics are going to be best for the panel skirt (you can download the PDF here.)

Firstly – how much fabric will I need? And what about elastic? Between 1.2m and 1.5m of fabric and however much elastic you need for your own waist. I like to work with the rule: waist measurement – 10cm = cut elastic. This pattern uses 2.5cm wide elastic.

Ideally a mid weight fabric will work best for this skirt. So this could be

  • cotton and cotton blends
  • linen and linen blends
  • cotton/polyester blend
  • light denim
  • rayon

As long as it’s not too thin or stiff, any fabric will be fine.

A directional print - I wouldn't want my birds upside down now would I?

A directional print – I wouldn’t want my birds upside down now would I?

BUT – if you’ve fallen in love with a voile or something sheer you can still use it – but you’ll need a lining.  This could even become a design feature – think about using a contrasting lining such as yellow under a pink chiffon to create a peach shade.

You could even get away with a firm knit fabric – just make sure it doesn’t have too much stretch and that the stretch runs across the skirt NOT down (or your skirt will end up around your knees after the first wearing.)

In the tutorial next week I’ll be using a quilting cotton with a non directional print. This means it won’t matter which way I place my pattern pieces, as long as they run parallel to the selvedge. If you chose to use a print with a one way design then it means you need to place the pattern pieces carefully to ensure you don’t end up with any upside down flowers/kitties/text/whatever.

This border print will look great along the hem - but only if it matches at the seams.

This border print will look great along the hem – but only if it matches at the seams.

If you chose to use a border print or stripe then you need to be aware of where you place the bottom edge of the pattern pieces and take notice of how the hem will look after its been sewn up. The skirt pattern we’re using in this sew along does have a slight curve to it – but not enough to make it look too odd. Just make sure the lower corners of your  pattern pieces line up on the same line along the border. Do you need to match the stripes? Make pencil lines on your pattern pieces to help guide you.

These stripes will look effective once they're matched at the seams.

These stripes will look effective once they’re matched at the seams.

Taking the time to be aware of all these subtle differences will go a long way to making your skirt look professional and will result in a skirt you’ll love. Have fun with your fabric choices and come back next week to follow the tutorial.

And don’t forget to request an invite to The Sew Quilty Workshop where you can see what everyone else is making and use the #skirtsewalong & #thesewquiltyworkshop hashtags on Instagram.

on the cutting table

What’s on the Cutting Table

I’ve been feeling a bit rushed with children on school holidays and assignments due these past few weeks but I thought you’d like to see what’s sitting on my cutting table – projects that have been calling to me trying to entice me away from what I’m meant to be doing.


First up is this lot of fabrics for the Aussie Aviatrix Quilt-A-Long hosted by Linden from Vine Lines Quilting. The pattern is by Elisabeth Hartman and can be found here. The fabrics are called Dreamin Vintage by Jeni Baker which I bought from Hawthorne Threads.


Then I decided to make up a mini quilt for the Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild’s display at the upcoming Stitches and Craft Show. I’d known about it for a few weeks, but you know – good things happen at the last minute. The challenge was to make a mini quilt using the guilds colours – orange, aqua, blues and greens – with a Brisbane theme. If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen the finished quilt.


Here’s some mini hexies I’m making to go towards the Teeny Weeny Swap. It’s been organised by the Modern Quilt Guilds in Vancouver and  is a way to connect with makers around the world. My swap partner has requested a zip pouch so these will work well.


And finally something I finished last week – a Hello Kitty embroidery on blue gingham. Well the embroidery part is finished, the neatening of the back will be done soon.

Yes too many projects as per usual – but I don’t know how to operate any other way. If I were to clear my plate of all these commitments, I’d be planning something new by the end of the day!

To help with justifying all this I’ve decided to follow Rachael Godfrey’s lead in her UFOctober2014 mission to complete as many unfinished projects in the month of October as we can. And since Christmas is just around the corner what better motivation do you need?? Read more about it on her blog Sew Today, Clean Tomorrow.


I’d love it if you joined in – I’ll be sharing my progress on Instagram with the hashtag #UFOctober2014  I bet you’re forming a mental list of unfinished projects right now aren’t you? Do it – it’ll be fun!

DIY fabric design with spoonflower

Designing your own fabric with Spoonflower

Have you ever wanted to have your own fabric printed? Spoonflower can help you with that.

Spoonflower prints fabric on demand which means you choose from hundreds of designs already on the site, or upload your own. You then choose your base cloth and meterage and add to cart! They also offer wallpaper, decals and gift wrap so the possibilities are endless – you could decorate your whole house and have it matching perfectly. Here are a few examples –


Watercolor Plus in Blue Pink and Gold

Sherbet and Ash

Or how about some cut and sew designs? Save time by ordering one of these designs and you won’t need to worry about a pattern as the fabric has the outline included. Could be a great gift idea for a beginner sewist.

Business idea – design your own pattern and selling it as a kit with instructions, notions and extra trims? You could offer some suggestions on how to personalise as well.

So Sew Easy - 3 cosmetics bags templates

Check out Deby’s tutorial to make these zippered cosmetic pouches here – http://so-sew-easy.com/pleated-cosmetics-bag-spoonflower/

the $11 world traveler - updated Dec 2012

Or how about a stuffed globe in bright pastels?

So many options, so many great designs to choose from. Is your creative brain buzzing with ideas?  Mine is and I’ll definitely be ordering some soon!

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WIP Giveaway Promo

Sharing your WIP’s


I’m sharing a WIP (work in progress) with you today and letting you know about a competition running over at The Needlecraft Hub

I’m sure I’m pretty normal when I say I have MANY projects running simultaneously.  Seriously, who can work on just one thing at a time? Not me. It seems whenever I think I’ve got a handle on all my projects I decide to start a new one. So here’s a run through of what I’m working on currently

  • new pair of pants for myself using this pattern from Style Arc
  • a slip cover for the cube ottoman in the lounge room
  • new samples for the sewing patterns in the Etsy shop
  • paper piecing hexies for ? project
  • trying my hand at sashiko
  • a cross stitched pin cushion from Cath Kidston’s book “Stitch!”
  • tutorials to share with you here

So when I heard about the competition running at The Needlecraft Hub asking for photos of WIP’s I thought – perfect, I’m sure I’ve got one I can share! This is the photo I shared, it’s for the slip cover I’m making for our foam cube ottoman. It’s going to be a simple checkered pattern using fabric from vintage bed sheets. I’ve been keeping the remnants from all the pajama pants and tunic tops I made for sale at 5 Quirky Cherubs and can’t bear the thought of throwing them away so I’ve been cutting them up into three inch squares ready for a project or two.

WIP for The Needlecraft HubAll you have to do for the competition is upload a photo of your WIP to The Needlecraft Hub’s Facebook page and like the page – easy! Prizes are drawn randomly and winners receive a gift voucher to one of these online stores –

SEW & SO. – Needlecraft, Cross Stitching & Embroidery


ROSE GROUND – Bobbin Lace & Tatting

YAY FOR YARN – Knitting & Crochet


Entries close this Wednesday so hop to it!