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The Sew Quilty Workshop

The Sew Quilty Workshop

Late last year I was invited to team up with Rachael from Sew Today, Clean Tomorrow and Linden from Vine Lines Quilting to host a Facebook group we renamed The Sew Quilty Workshop. Pop over and request an invite – we’re a friendly, supportive and active group.  During that time leading up to Christmas we were all busy crafting our last minute gifts and waiting for the holiday season to take over.

Now that we’re into the new year it’s time to look ahead to some new projects – some hosted by myself, some hosted by Rachael and Linden. To ease back into sewing for another year Rachael organised a scrap swap and after sharing with our friends on Instagram we ended up with 22+ participants. 2013-03-04 10.19.43Not too bad for our first swap.

Sorting through the scrap box was easy once I’d upended the contents onto the table – getting them back in wasn’t so easy though.  After finding a selection of goodies I pressed and folded them into a neat bundle and tied it with a selvedge (gosh those things are handy) I always like to add in some extras when I post off a swap item so this time I included one of my printed panels and a little shopping bag made from vintage cotton sheeting. One_handsome_scrap_bundle_ready_for_posting.___scrapswap2015__thesewquiltyworkshop

I was happy to hear that the parcel has been received and the bag was a hit with her daughter. Now that the swap is over Rachael, Linden and I are planning an idea to use the scraps and challenge our group members. So far I’ve seen these ideas elsewhere on the web –

Have you got any favorite items to make from scraps? Leave a comment below – I’d love to hear about it.

And if you’re interested in joining The Sew Quilty Workshop, click over and request to join. Either Rachael, Linden or myself will welcome you in.

WIP Giveaway Promo

Sharing your WIP’s


I’m sharing a WIP (work in progress) with you today and letting you know about a competition running over at The Needlecraft Hub

I’m sure I’m pretty normal when I say I have MANY projects running simultaneously.  Seriously, who can work on just one thing at a time? Not me. It seems whenever I think I’ve got a handle on all my projects I decide to start a new one. So here’s a run through of what I’m working on currently

  • new pair of pants for myself using this pattern from Style Arc
  • a slip cover for the cube ottoman in the lounge room
  • new samples for the sewing patterns in the Etsy shop
  • paper piecing hexies for ? project
  • trying my hand at sashiko
  • a cross stitched pin cushion from Cath Kidston’s book “Stitch!”
  • tutorials to share with you here

So when I heard about the competition running at The Needlecraft Hub asking for photos of WIP’s I thought – perfect, I’m sure I’ve got one I can share! This is the photo I shared, it’s for the slip cover I’m making for our foam cube ottoman. It’s going to be a simple checkered pattern using fabric from vintage bed sheets. I’ve been keeping the remnants from all the pajama pants and tunic tops I made for sale at 5 Quirky Cherubs and can’t bear the thought of throwing them away so I’ve been cutting them up into three inch squares ready for a project or two.

WIP for The Needlecraft HubAll you have to do for the competition is upload a photo of your WIP to The Needlecraft Hub’s Facebook page and like the page – easy! Prizes are drawn randomly and winners receive a gift voucher to one of these online stores –

SEW & SO. – Needlecraft, Cross Stitching & Embroidery


ROSE GROUND – Bobbin Lace & Tatting

YAY FOR YARN – Knitting & Crochet


Entries close this Wednesday so hop to it!