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Etsy Shop Spotlight – Lables and Tags

In today’s Etsy Shop Spotlight I’m sharing two businesses who produce custom printed labels for you to sew into your work.  Custom Couture Label Co and Tags and Labels.

customcouturelabelcoDianna from Custom Couture Label Company offers full colour printed and woven clothing labels and boutique business branding supplies for smaller businesses.  They are the developer of the original no fade – no fray inkjet printable colourfast fabric for clothing label manufacturing and have been a part of Etsy since 2007.

customcouturelabelco4Dianna also sells printed fabric sheets – a great option if you need a quick turnaround, iron on label transfers, printed ribbon/tape and printed fabric swing tags.

Visit Dianna at www.etsy.com/shop/customcouturelabelco

tagsanslabelsKristy from Tags & Labels produces custom printed sew in labels and gives these four reasons why you should use labels in your work –

* Make your products more professional
* Increase your ‘branding’ and marketing
* Attract repeat customers (who can remember the name of your shop!); and
* Appeal to a wholesale market.

tagsandlabels2 tagsandlabels1“Sew-in labels are perfect for clothing, bags, blankets, even crochet and knitting!” says Kristy who has been a part of Etsy since 2010.

Click on over and check out Kristy’s work at www.etsy.com/shop/TagsandLabels

Need to know more about labelling requirements? Read more here.

Labelling 101

How to Label For Handmade

One of the important things you’re going to need when you decide to start selling your sewn items is labels. Apart from the fun of choosing a cute label with your business name you’ll also need to do some research into what is expected of you from a legal point of view.

Labels name and sizeEach country requires different information, but generally you’ll need to list fiber content and care instructions, with some needing country of manufacture as well. Here are a few of the labels I use here in Australia. All of the women’s clothing I make is either cotton or polyester cotton blend so I decide between the two content labels on the left. The ones on the right are for soft furnishings and include information about what fabrics they should be used for.

Labels content collageBecause some of the fabric I use is from vintage sheets I created my own swing tags with special instructions for washing and care. (I couldn’t find any pre-printed ones so I drafted my own wording.) These are attached, along with the size and price swing tags, into the size label on the garment  with a tagging gun (try this one – June Tailor Quilt Basting Gun).

vintage care labelYou’ll need to research in your own country for what is needed so here’s a few places to look.

Attaching your labels can be done in a few ways and will be determined by your personal preference. The label on the left below has been stitched on flat top and bottom, catching the care and size labels (hiding underneath) to hang out below. The label on the right has been inserted into the waist casing with a size label beside. Some manufacturers prefer to have the content and care labels sewn into the right side seam near the hem. This may be something specific to your country so it’s best to check.

labels attached collageLearning about the correct labeling is the responsibility of anyone selling handmade items and there are penalties in each country for not complying.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing some Etsy sellers who sell custom made labels for you to use in your handmade items.  See it here.