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Intro to paper piecing - Mug Rug Tutorial

Introduction to Paper Piecing – Mug Rug Tutorial

Here’s a simple project you can make if you’ve ever wanted to try paper piecing. It consists of 18 paper pieced hexagons (hexies) sewn together and then quilted to make a mini quilt or “Mug Rug.”   If you’d like to download the PDF version of the tutorial you can do so here.

To make the Mug Rug you’ll need –
• 18 paper pieced hexagons
• Backing fabric
• Wading or felt
• Fabric for binding
• Needle and thread for assembly
• Embroidery thread (optional)

 To make the hexagons

Start by cutting out all the paper shapes and pinning them to your fabric. I’ve punched holes in the centre of the hexies to help with pinning.
Cut out the fabric leaving 1cm allowance all around the edges.

cutting outFold over one edge and hold with your thumb.

first foldThen working counter clockwise turn over the next edge creating a neat corner.

corner foldStitch this corner with 2 stitches then, without cutting off your thread….

first stitchfold and stitch the next corner.

second stitchContinue around till you’ve sewn all 6 corners. Finish off with an extra stitch.

Remove the pins and press firmly with a hot iron. You can choose to remove the paper template now or wait till after the pieces are joined – it’s up to you.

Now for the assembly – here’s what to do
1. Arrange your prepared hexagons in a pleasing pattern. There is going to be
some wastage so be sure to put your favourite ones in the middle.
2. Begin by stitching them in rows, and then join the 4 rows into one piece. I found a great tutorial here by Sarah at sarahquilts.com .
3. Trim to finished size – 21cm x 15.5cm template included
4. Cut wading/felt and backing piece the same size and make the “sandwich”
5. Sew close to the edge all around to hold pieces of sandwich together. This can
be done either by hand or on a sewing machine.
6. Cut binding strips 4.5cm wide (I prefer to cut on the bias, but on the straight of
grain will work as well)
7. Sew binding onto front side of mug rug and mitre corners. (Tutorial coming soon for that one)
8. Turn under raw edge of binding and hand stitch.
9. For the optional embroidery I hand sewed a simple running stitch along the
inside edges of each hexagon. This could also be done on a sewing machine
with either a matching or contrast thread.

There are so many variations available with this pattern so have fun and make it
your own. Share a photo on Instagram using the #paperpiecingeverywhere hashtag too if you want.  If you want some more inspiration (and who doesn’t??) I’ve pinned plenty of ideas on the quilting board and the hexie board over at Pinterest.

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