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Aussie AQAL

Aviatrix Quilt – finished at last

What a marathon this has been – but I do love a good meaty, time consuming project so I can’t complain too much. The Aviatrix quilt top is done and now that it’s done I love it again. I have to admit to being very glad to see the end of those butterfly blocks!Aviatrix 2

And now that its done I’m left with the decision of how to quilt it. I mean it’s taken a lot of time and effort to get it to this stage so I don’t want to muck it up by choosing the wrong sort of stitching. My initial idea was to hand quilt – because I like it and think it deserves it. But the thought of having all that fabric and batting sitting around in the summer heat put me off that idea for a while. Maybe save it for winter? Aviatrix 1

Then I thought about just straight line quilting – then I could manage that on my own industrial machine and it would be done faster. But it really deserves better than that don’t you think? The other week my Mum brought her John Watts quilting frame over while she decides whether or not to sell it. (I think we all know it’s staying) It’s all set up and I’m keen to give it a go. So how about I quilt my new Aviatrix on it? Hmmm, a bit too ambitious perhaps?medallion 3

I took the quilt top to my sew day at Brisbane MQG yesterday and it was suggested I custom quilt – a different pattern in each of the borders. I like this idea and I’d definitely have to pay for this sort of thing since I’ve got zero experience. But I’d have to save my $.  Hmmm, more thinking.Aviatrix 3

Today as I write this I’ve returned to the idea of hand quilting. I’ve seen another Aviatrix hand quilted and it is stunning. So yes – I want that!

I’d like to thank Linen from Vine Lines Quilting for hosting the quilt along and Elizabeth Hartman for designing such a  fabulous quilt pattern. You should pop over to Lindens blog where you’ll find links to all the other quilters who participated in the quilt along.

I’ll keep you updated with how the quilt’s going over the next few weeks.

Aussie AQAL

Aviatrix QAL Border 4

Welcome to the next installment of the Aviatrix quilt a long. Thanks to Linden from Vine Lines Quilting for organising and motivating everyone. Last fortnight Esther from Werkelei showed us border 3 and today I’m going to show you my quilt progress and share some tips I thought might be helpful for border 4.

1 border 4

I have to admit I wasn’t too sure if I was going to love my quilt enough to warrant all the work involved. The fabric was beautiful and I like the design, but I just wasn’t sure if the two were going to work together. But after this border I can easily say I love it!

The instructions for border 4 say to sew the neutral strips together in a certain order and that one of your strips will be shorter (because you trim a 1.5″ square off the ends) I’ve added a photo here so you can see what it will look like – it took me a few read throughs to understand, but maybe that’s just me. 6 border 4

So onto my tips – nothing too radical, but I wish I’d thought of them earlier!

Tip #1 – make sure you check your seam allowance is exactly 1 quarter inch. I switched machines halfway sewing these and the foot on the second machine gave me a different seam allowance and I had to unpick. Not fun!

Tip #2 – make your stitches a bit smaller as you’re going to be sub cutting these pieces and you don’t want them to fall apart.

Tip #3 – pressing the seams open DOES take longer, and I nearly didn’t do it – but I’m glad I did because it’s sitting so beautifully and will help with any bulk when I come to quilt later on.3 border 4

Tip #4 – use the blocks from the previous border to help line up the squares. As you can see in the photo above, the blocks on border 3 are 8″ so you should get 8 squares between.

Having a border with all neutrals is going to add some zing to the overall design and I can’t wait to see what neutrals everyone else has used.2 border 4

Next fortnight you’ll be able to pop over to visit Leanne Elliot from Daisy and Jack who’s going to show us border 5. And don’t forget to check out the hashtag #aussieaviatrixqal on Instagram for more behind the scenes photos.

Fabric – Dreamin’ Vintage by Art Gallery Fabrics

Pattern – Aviatrix Medallion by Elizabeth Hartman

Aussie AQAL

WIP – Aussie Aviatrix Quilt A Long

I’ve ventured over to the dark side.  I’ve been quilting.

And because there’s no quicker way to learn something than by doing, I’ve joined a quilt-a-long I found in Instagram called the Aussie Aviatrix QAL hosted by Linden from VineLinesQuilting.com.

The quilt we’re making is designed by Elizabeth Hartman – who happens to have a quilting blog -one I started following years ago. So I guess you could say I’ve been flirting with quilting for a while, just holding off for the right time.

I’m hosting border number four – Small Squares, on the 24 November, so more about that later. But for now I thought I’d share the progress so far.  medallion 1


medallion 2I showed you the fabrics the other week and since discovered they’d sent me two the same. So to make them look different I added some spots with fabric paint and the end of a pencil. fabric painting spots

The fabric paints came from A Little Creative, come in a great range of colours and only need to be set with an iron – easy peasy.

The cutting has taken forever but now the centre medallion has been finished I think it’s going to come together fairly quickly.

If you’re interested to see how the other blog hop quilters are going, here’s where you can find them –

– Rachel from Little White Dove – @thedovenest on Instagram

– Annabel – @belloquacity on Instagram

– Linden from Vine Lines Quilting

– Rachael from Sew Today, Clean Tomorrow –@sewtodaycleantomorrow on Instagram

– Esther from Rehtse – @rehtse on Instagram

– Leanne from Daisy and Jack – @daisyandjack on Instagram

– Penny from Penny Poppleton – @pennypoppleton on Instagram

Stay tuned for more updates.


on the cutting table

What’s on the Cutting Table

I’ve been feeling a bit rushed with children on school holidays and assignments due these past few weeks but I thought you’d like to see what’s sitting on my cutting table – projects that have been calling to me trying to entice me away from what I’m meant to be doing.


First up is this lot of fabrics for the Aussie Aviatrix Quilt-A-Long hosted by Linden from Vine Lines Quilting. The pattern is by Elisabeth Hartman and can be found here. The fabrics are called Dreamin Vintage by Jeni Baker which I bought from Hawthorne Threads.


Then I decided to make up a mini quilt for the Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild’s display at the upcoming Stitches and Craft Show. I’d known about it for a few weeks, but you know – good things happen at the last minute. The challenge was to make a mini quilt using the guilds colours – orange, aqua, blues and greens – with a Brisbane theme. If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen the finished quilt.


Here’s some mini hexies I’m making to go towards the Teeny Weeny Swap. It’s been organised by the Modern Quilt Guilds in Vancouver and  is a way to connect with makers around the world. My swap partner has requested a zip pouch so these will work well.


And finally something I finished last week – a Hello Kitty embroidery on blue gingham. Well the embroidery part is finished, the neatening of the back will be done soon.

Yes too many projects as per usual – but I don’t know how to operate any other way. If I were to clear my plate of all these commitments, I’d be planning something new by the end of the day!

To help with justifying all this I’ve decided to follow Rachael Godfrey’s lead in her UFOctober2014 mission to complete as many unfinished projects in the month of October as we can. And since Christmas is just around the corner what better motivation do you need?? Read more about it on her blog Sew Today, Clean Tomorrow.


I’d love it if you joined in – I’ll be sharing my progress on Instagram with the hashtag #UFOctober2014  I bet you’re forming a mental list of unfinished projects right now aren’t you? Do it – it’ll be fun!