Reasons to Pinstitch

Top 3 Reasons to Pin Stitch

Today we’re going to talk about pin stitching – what is it and why should you bother doing it.
Pin stitching, or sometimes known as under stitching, is the tiny row of stitching that holds a seam flat to one side of the seam. See the row of white stitching in the photo below?  That’s pin stitching and as you can see it isn’t visible from the outside of the garment.


1. Easing

Sometimes you may need to make an edge sit tighter than how it first sits. A neckline or armhole may be gaping or might be at risk of stretching out, but pin stitching can prevent this.  As you do the pin stitching row, gently push the fabric in towards the presser foot. Just be careful not to create any tucks.

2. Save ironing time

Pretty good reason huh? Pin stitching and top stitching both help the garment sit properly before you even get it to an iron.  An armhole edge such as this would be much more tricky to press if the pin stitching wasn’t there. And think about how your customer is going to care for the item – having the pin stitching will make it much easier for them to make the item look good after laundering.

3. Prevent facings popping out

Pin stitching can help prevent the facing from rolling out and being seen when the garment is on the body. This typically happens at armholes, deep necklines and waistbands and can make the item appear unfinished.

I do encourage you to give pin stitching a go and see if you can create a habit. By using pin stitching in your work you’ll be pleasing your customers and producing a better quality product.

3 thoughts on “Top 3 Reasons to Pin Stitch

  1. Tim

    I’m not the sewer my family but I do know a helpful blog post when I see it! Great post and now I do know what a pin stitch is and that it has nothing to do with pinterest!


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