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Tote-ally Pimpin’ Project

Welcome to the Tote-ally Pimpin’ Project. It’s the first project I’m helping to host in the Facebook group The Sew Quilty Workshop, with the help of Linden (Vine Lines Quilting) and Rachael (Sew Today, Clean Tomorrow), and we’d love to have you there. Follow the link and request to join.

The bag we’re starting with is perfect for customization and would be great to make for a market stall or to sell online (YES you have my permission to use the pattern – go for it!)   The bag is a good size for a library bag, a lunch bag to take to work or as a gift bag instead of paper. First lets start with the basic tutorial.

Download the pattern here – it’s only 4 pages. The dimensions are written on the pieces if you’d rather draft it yourself.

Cutting instructions
1. Take notice of any pattern repeat on the fabric or any one way designs.
2. cut 1 pair main bag pieces 27cm x 34cm
3. cut 1 pocket piece 27cm x 16cm
4. cut 1 pair strap pieces 8cm x 50cm  OR
cut 2 x 50cm lengths of cotton webbing.

Fold and stitch a double 1cm hem on top edge of pocket piece.image one (image 1)
Position pocket on the main bag and stitch a row down the centre. (Image 2 and 3) image 2
With right sides together sew sides and bottom of main bag pieces together, catching the pocket on the three sides. image 3 (Image 4)
Neaten. (Image 5)
Fold the fabric strap pieces in half lengthways and finger press. Open and fold the two raw edges in to meet at the centre fold.image 4 (Image 6 and 7)
Fold in half lengthways again and sew down both edges.image 5 (Image 8, 9 and 10)
Locate the notches for the straps, and tack (either by machine or hand) to the top edge of the bag ON THE OUTSIDE. image 6(Image 11)
Fold a double 2cm hem on the top edge of the bag and stitch – catching the straps ends as you go. image 7 (Image 12)
Fold the straps out and pin.
Topstitch the top edge and catch the straps as you go. (Image 13)

And that’s it for the basic bag – now for the fun part – remodeling!

You could try quilting

or stitching























or even appliqued.

















Join Rachael, Linden and myself over in the Facebook group – The Sew Quilty Workshop – as we roll out our own versions of the bag and see what everyone else has been making. I’d love to see yours.

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