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WIP – Aussie Aviatrix Quilt A Long

I’ve ventured over to the dark side.  I’ve been quilting.

And because there’s no quicker way to learn something than by doing, I’ve joined a quilt-a-long I found in Instagram called the Aussie Aviatrix QAL hosted by Linden from

The quilt we’re making is designed by Elizabeth Hartman – who happens to have a quilting blog -one I started following years ago. So I guess you could say I’ve been flirting with quilting for a while, just holding off for the right time.

I’m hosting border number four – Small Squares, on the 24 November, so more about that later. But for now I thought I’d share the progress so far.  medallion 1


medallion 2I showed you the fabrics the other week and since discovered they’d sent me two the same. So to make them look different I added some spots with fabric paint and the end of a pencil. fabric painting spots

The fabric paints came from A Little Creative, come in a great range of colours and only need to be set with an iron – easy peasy.

The cutting has taken forever but now the centre medallion has been finished I think it’s going to come together fairly quickly.

If you’re interested to see how the other blog hop quilters are going, here’s where you can find them –

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Stay tuned for more updates.


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